What We Do?

A thing of beauty is a joy forever... 

Creating a magical space for your child is something which is at the very heart of Wu Concept. Where dreams & design are lifelong friends. We truly believe beautful spaces have a positive influence on the way we live our lives.

Every child's room should be their own unique little world. A space with a true sense of place, where they sleep / create / play / read and relax. A cosy cocoon, which gives them the platform to learn, be inspired & feel calm, restored & nourished by their surroundings.

Here at Wu we just love beautiful, thoughtful and functional design. Every designer & brand that we select has been carefully chosen for each individual client. We adopt a considered buying approach, where well made pieces are selected for their eye catching aesthetic, but more importantly, the happiness and value they bring your little ones today, tomorrow and beyond...

The Wu Design Process / Our Three Services 
1 - Bespoke Room Design
2 - Source & Style Service
3 - Party Planning